A long time ago in Sardinia there lived three greedy fairies (called ”janas”).
One day, despite it being the fast of Lent, in complete secrecy they prepared some delicious sweets in their oven. Reproved by a friar for this reason, they got annoyed and beat him with a stick.
So God punished them by transforming them into three stalagmites that even today can be admired in a grotto in the centre of Sardinia.

The history of the company Tre Janas started on the island of Sardinia as far back as 1926.

Proud and rough, the land of Sardinia shows a sweet heart to the visitor.
Wild plants on the Mediterranean scrubland such as the myrtle and the arbutus, ancient almond groves, perfumed citrus orchards and yellow wheat fields have always offered wonderful fruits. The ancestral expertise of the Sardinians, proudly protected, transforms these fruits into fragrant sweets, rich with unmistakable and inimitable aromas and perfumes of the native land.

The typical Sardinian sweets of ancient origin represent a real art, not only for the variety of recipes, but also and especially for the mastery with which they are formed and decorated.
Even today the company Tre Janas prepares them following ancient recipes that have been handed down carefully from father to son and jealously protected for three generations.

Nothing has changed with time.
Today as then the sweets are prepared with simple and authentic ingredients, fully respecting the traditional recipes and carefully selecting the raw materials and best quality ingredients. This recreates the sensations and emotions connected to the flavours of festivals - a memory of that sweet, magic and fantastic world where children lived.