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The Sospiri are delicious sweets made with a soft almond and honey pastry, covered with a light icing. All that is known of these Sospiri comes surrounded by a halo of romanticism, starting with its name, Sospiro (breath), that refers to the lightness of the dough and to the delicacy of the touch with which the almonds and sugar are mixed with honey. They are gracious and shapely, have a delicate consistency like their perfume of orange peel and a dainty look like the icing that covers them.
These refined sweets of high quality were originally prepared for important occasions, especially for baptisms, where they were accompanied by the typical local liqueurs.
The Tre Janas Sospiri can be enriched with different aromas: Myrtle and Cocoa covered with a cocoa icing, Lemon and Arbutus covered with a white icing.

Packaging Weight Piece per Pack EAN Code
Traditional 300 gr 12 8 003253 900020
Limoncello 300 gr 12 8 003253 900013
Cocoa     8 003253 900037
Corbezzolo     8 003253 900044
Each product in the bag is packaged separately